Healthy living is our passion


We, Reini and Rob have become wise by experience and now know that health / balance in our lives is very important. Both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In every area of our lives, we continually find ways to improve our quality of life and joy. We also still learning every day.

We want to share with as many people as possible, who also want to choose. We are in the fortunate circumstances that we have now a nice place, where this is possible.

Haus Felsengrund / Alcyone Bad Suderode in the Harz is a beautiful green oasis with art, culture, places of power, nature, one Kurort etc. Opportunities abound to enjoy life with all our senses.

We've had a Reiki / weekend meditation, fasting groups, yoga, workshops and training in the fields of health, flea market and many guests. For the coming months, there are several possibilities in development. (See course offerings under agenda).

For now it is important for us to tell you this place is there and that we like to work together with others. The rest will evolve over the coming years.


We wish everyone:
Happiness, health, balance and passion